Map of Finaeus

This is the ancient map of Finaeus dated 1531. It is a world map and shows Asia with Europe on the left and on the right the large continent Terra Australis Re and a little part of Argentina. It is my opinion that Terra Australis Re does not represent an island, but in actual fact is an envelopment of the coast of Asia.

In this part I will try to prove my theory by analising various maps including Nicolaus Blancardus (1662) and an ancient map of the Ming Dynasty (1389). It is surprising how the Cambodian peninsula, the Gulf of Tonkin  are very similar in the maps of Blancardus (and other European maps)  to Finaeus.

It is noteworthy that the Terra Australis of Finaeus represents the coasts of Asia better than many later maps of the same area of Asia.


Development of Terra Australis Nondum Cognita of Finaeus'map

Incredible precision

An incredible coincidence? Comparison of a detail of the map of Finaeus  and the old map of China Ming Dynasty 1389.  Area is Yellow Sea. Pay attention to  the shape of the peninsula and the rivers.

Terra Australis Re

October 2015

An exciting new interpretation of Terra Australis Re in the map of Finaeus

Old map of Asia by Blancardus (1662)