The key of the mystery

This is the famous Piri Reis' map, and my unique interpretation of it. It is a  world map compiled in 1513 by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis. For centuries people and scolars have believed that the map shows the new world  as Piri Reis himself claimed they illustrate the "lands discovered by an infidel from Genoa called Columbus".

This view, in my opinion, is problematic as instead of showing central and South America it shows symbols and geographical features of Asia and in particular its oriental coast from  China to Tibet including important rivers and landmarks which Piri Reis misinterpreted as belonging to the Americas. This error is probably due to Piri Reis uniting pieces of different maps to make his version.

Therefore, the map does not show any territory of the Americas or the Antarctic.

Max Denari

05 september 2015


Probably the most precise map of east of China and Taiwan of past centuries

Monkey - Dog Compatibility in Chinese Astrology

The Monkey and Dog make a reasonably compatible pair in Chinese astrology. This is because the two zodiac signs have several traits in common like a cheerful, energetic nature and a wide-ranging curiosity. However the fact that these two have considerably different life goals and values might make for a few areas of dissonance in the relationship.

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Who drew the original maps of Asia with such precision? When? Chinese maybe? Where  are  those maps now?   Were those ancient maps the secret of Columbus to search for the Asia continent?